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We are Fix My Curls, a homegrown Indian brand, made to help you embrace your natural curls.

5 Products, 5 easy steps to moisturised, healthy hair. 

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 Are you cruelty free?

None of our products are tested on anyone or anything before they are perfectly safe, and ready to use.

Are you CG ( Curly Girl ) friendly?


Sulphate Free: We are CG friendly! We’d also like to note, that there are good and bad sulphates, some sulphates are harsher on your hair in the way they cleanse them, but some are actually safe to use! We only use one sulphate, which is safe, will not damage your hair, and will leave them squeaky clean. 


Silicone free: Silicones act as a smooth, silky surface on your hair, to give you the feeling that they’ve been moisturised really well. Most curly hair products contain these in their conditioners, but we have not done that! Instead, we rely on natural oils and coconut extracts to give you that same moisture, with no damage done.

Where can I buy your products?

We are currently available on Amazon.in , and NaturallyYouMe.com. We can also do direct shipments internationally for specific customers who will buy the entire bundle!

Do I have to buy all five products?

We definitely recommend purchasing all five as a bundle, however you can also choose whichever you like best!

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