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Our Mission

We know that curly girls have had it hard, from growing up, and feeling out of place, to resorting to our straighteners when our frizz was out of control.


Our mission is to ‘fix’ your already beautiful curls, and show you what you’ve been missing.

From frizzy, unmanageable, and tangled, our 5 step process will help heal your hair, and let you love them like you never thought you could. 

Our products have been designed and created with the intention of healing damaged curly hair, eliminating dandruff and itchiness, redness and bald spots, giving you back bouncy, beautiful curls.

Curly Hair Products


Hi There!

FixMyCurls came out of a place of pure concern for every Indian Curly girl I ever knew. I grew up never seeing curls in the media, pop culture, in stores, or anywhere I went. I felt like they were a taboo, to be big, natural and real, was unheard of! 

Until a couple months ago, I was living in Vancouver, where I had an abundance of curly girl support and privilege. When I came back to India for a semester, I was in desperate need of new products once my old ones ran out. Shipping charges were CRAZY and I felt lost. I soon began following blogs on Instagram and Facebook for CG friendly products in India, and realised how nobody actually represented us!

From mayonnaise as a deep conditioner, to mens hair gel as a styler, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I could do. 

So I created this brand, to represent us, our stories, our journeys from hating to loving our natural coils.

These products are made with love, respect and gratitude, from one curly girl to another.